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About Royal Holiday

Royal Holiday is the world’s leading vacation club with better than 100,000 members from 52 countries worldwide. Members enjoy ongoing, regular vacations, hotels and resorts in more than 180 of the world’s most beautiful and popular holiday locations. The club provides members with the highest standard in quality service at hotels, affiliated resorts and on Cruises that sail to everywhere on the planet.

Members of Royal Holiday enjoy total flexibility, convenience and freedom in planning and enjoying vacations that go on year after year and often multiple times in the same year. A unique Holiday Credits system means pre-paid and affordable holidays are not only convenient but a welcome respite from ad-hoc planning.

Royal Dream Vacations is a trial membership program that allows members to enjoy vacations in 30+ destinations in the USA, Mexico, the Caribbean and South America. Though it’s but a fraction of what full members enjoy, many of the most popular destinations are included and Dreams members enjoy all of the same great service.

Dream Vacations members can choose where and when to go, and at super attractive prices, they go more often than ever before. And this is just an introduction to the full Royal Holiday experience. It’s an introduction you’ll never forget.

Remember though, Royal Dream Vacations is but a sampler of everything a full membership in the world’s biggest vacation club will give you. Full membership offers members more than 180 destinations, hotels and resorts worldwide, and access to any cruise, leaving from any cruise port anywhere in the world.

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